Ornaross – Irish Indie Author


We had to redesign the ornaross website a bit. Also fixed tons of bugs site-wide left by the previous team. Then enhanced the site with additional major features.


  • Redoing several broken pages stucture and fixing them for latest wordpress.
  • Setting up membership portal with conditional based access to restricted pages and download sections within custom template.
  • Desiging custom woocommerce template pages and setting up my book purchase onsite along with external purchase link.
  • Desiging custom membership portal personal profile template.
  • Desiging role based download pages.
  • ConvertKit Integrations
  • Tons of responsive issues and bug fixes

Grayman & Company

Grayman and Company

We had to develop an advanced WordPress woocommerce website for Grayman by using their provided design from sketch tool.


  • Sharing ideas on how to make provided design more WP friendly
  • Integrating bold metrics – fashion metrics api with woocommerce checkout and user profile.
  • Developing custom woocommerce template pages
  • Developing custom product option layout selection for suit builder
  • Compacting all core customizations as a plugin

Qured – Private Doctors Appointments at Home


We had to redesign the website using their brand color scheme and improving overall features within their website.


  • Sharing ideas on how to make provided design more WP friendly
  • Google cloud server optimization and Cache setup for WordPress.
  • Redesigning the web pages and design color corrections.
  • Configuring Google tags to track events campaigns monitoring
  • Developing Google GPS location finder search box, based on UK Postal Code.

Tramble App


We had to create a web application based location listing system for Tramble Mobile App. Which has several custom features including a custom data management panel for the administrator to easy process bulk listing items and maintains them.


  • Sharing ideas on how to make the web app more administration and users friendly to maintain and navigate.
  • Creating and modifying the listing search system as Day Out Builder.
  • Doing the cross-browser test and troubleshooting any responsive issues.
  • Developing a data management system to manage custom listing post type with bulk import, export, search and add features.

Stearns Design Build

Stearns Design Build

We had to redesign the website and do some correction on some responsive issues on this Squarespace website. Also, had to create a custom blog template layout.


It looks like this site has been recently converted to WordPress from Squarespace where we originally did our works.

Weartomiss – Celebrity Collections

We had to redesign the existing design for Weartomiss pages. Also had to fix several responsive issues from an existing theme. So it shows up its content within every device. Along with several other WooCommerce & backend optimization related fixes.


  • Improving and optimizing overall design layout and making responsive design correction.
  • Implementing pop up button and modal
  • Fixing – all page layouts, including woocommerce pages, broken product data, broken widgets, sliders.


Custom slider with multiple index blocks

We had to create a custom responsive slider plugin on the homepage and integrated multiple index page block sections into the custom slider in this Squarespace website as per client requirements.



We had to create a responsive WordPress website based on an existing PSD design template file provided by the client.

Kaftan Dreams v2.0

After improvement of Kaftan Dreams OLD website. We worked on the design and development of Kaftan Dreams 2.0 eCommerce site for better site-wide simple design, flexibility with product management, user navigation, and ordering process.


  • Doing a better creative design than old style by previous developer.
  • Making sure site can receive future updates without any problem.
  • Replacement of qTranslator with WPML for multilanguage. So better translation compatibility with custom fields and other plugins
  • Replacement of variation gallery & swatch system on woocommerce
  • Site-wide & product image auto optimizations
  • Providing video guidelines allowing to manage website easily for client